Peralta I-II reaches 43% of national content

Peralta GCEE closed the month of January with great news. The wind farm received the certification for the National Content of the Investment issued by the Chamber of Industry of Uruguay which confirmed that it has achieved the 43%.
The Wind Farm has contributed successfully to the development of the national resources promoting and involving the Uruguayan industry in the construction of the wind farm. Peralta I-II promised to reach the 27% in the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) signed with UTE in which it was required a minimum of 20% for the National Content of the Investment. Eventually the percentage highly exceeds it with a 43%.
Part of this percentage corresponds to the concrete tower production plant that was installed at the entrance of the wind farm to produce the concrete segments for the wind turbines’ towers. The facility covered over 9.900 m2 and employed more than 140 people.

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