Held in the School nº 67 of Peralta the second workshop on waste management and environmental footprint

The Uruguayan NGO Repapel returned to the School nº 67 of Peralta to conduct the second and final session of the programme on waste management and environmental footprint promoted by the Peralta GCEE Wind Farm.
This second visit intended to assess the implementation of the process and to continue working on new waste management concepts. The session also aimed to involve the family of the students in the concepts that their children have learned and of the called the “three R’s” of waste management: reduce, reuse and recycle. For this reason, the families were invited to take part in the last workshop of the day about paper recycling process.
Even though the sessions at the school are over, Repapel will continue monitoring the activities implemented such as the worm compost system and will also give support in other activities on the preservation of the environment.

The knowledge acquired on these topics will be reinforced with a talk and a presentation about renewable and wind energy conducted by technical personnel in charge of the wind farm operation.

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