Held in the School nº 67 of Peralta the second workshop on waste management and environmental footprint

The Uruguayan NGO Repapel returned to the School nº 67 of Peralta to conduct the second and final session of the programme on waste management and environmental footprint promoted by the Peralta GCEE Wind Farm.
This second visit intended to assess the implementation of the process and to continue working on new waste management concepts. The session also aimed to involve the family of the students in the concepts that their children have learned and of the called the “three R’s” of waste management: reduce, reuse and recycle. For this reason, the families were invited to take part in the last workshop of the day about paper recycling process.
Even though the sessions at the school are over, Repapel will continue monitoring the activities implemented such as the worm compost system and will also give support in other activities on the preservation of the environment.

The knowledge acquired on these topics will be reinforced with a talk and a presentation about renewable and wind energy conducted by technical personnel in charge of the wind farm operation.

Workshop on waste management and environmental footprint in the School nº67 of Peralta

A workshop about the preservation of the Environment was held last week in the School nº 67 of Peralta for pupils and teachers. These activities are part of a programme about waste management and environmental footprint sponsored by the Peralta GCEE Wind Farm in the School of Peralta. This initiative, which will run for an academic year, is structured into two sessions whose objective is to promote changes in our consumption and discard patterns in order to find a balance between preserving the Environment through a sustainable consumption and human activity in our planet.
The Uruguayan NGO Repapel is conducting the workshops and activities aimed to raise awareness to protect and reduce our footprint on the Environment.
The first session worked on two main ideas: each human being causes an impact on the Environment; and the importance of taking individual and collective actions towards the preservation of the Environment and waste management. Pupils and teachers of the School nº 67 of Peralta learnt that each person can reduce significantly its ecological footprint introducing some changes in their consumption and discard patterns.

Informative Session on Peralta GCEE Wind Farm

The session held last Wednesday the 16th of March in the Conference Room of the Municipal facility at Paso de los Toros allowed for formally communicating the audience the end of the construction Works as well as the beginning of the operation of the wind turbines.

The ENERCON team also informed about the tasks that will be conducted in the wind farm for the following 20 years of operation and about the restoration works that currently are taking place in the area in order to restore the pre-environmental features and the landscape. In addition, the audience was informed about the contact details to request any enquire or a site visits.

The event ended with a round of questions in which those about the production of concrete segments were the most popular among the audience.

Regional Sustainable Development Degree visits Peralta Site

On the last day of November, Peralta I-II welcomed the visit from the students and professors of this interesting degree program on Regional Sustainable Development at the University Centre of Tacuarembó. After a presentation on renewable energies, the group went on a tour guided by technical staff through the wind farm’s installations and the concrete tower production plant. The visitors came along with an energy expert, Reto Bertoni, coordinator of the Degree of Development in Montevideo. In its second year running, the Regional Sustainable Development Degree Program aims to train professionals on the promotion of development in social, economic, human and political and institutional areas.

The attendees spent the day out to learn about energy in Uruguay. After the stop at Perata I-II Wind Farm the group went on visiting the nearby Rincón del Bonete Mill Pond.

Information session about the beginning of works

At the beginning of December a meeting was held in the Peralta Community Hall organized by ENERCON, the wind farm construction company.
The aim of this information session was to inform the Community that the civil works were about to start in the following week. General construction details of the wind farms Peralta I- II were shown in a presentation. Also, members of ASESPRO attended to this session and informed the local community that interviews for selecting candidates were starting again very soon. In addition, the attendees were informed about the opening of new professional profiles that increase the job offer for the two wind farms. As in the previous information session held on June, attendees had the opportunity to submit their CVs to take part in the selection process.

The Community Hall of Peralta gathers people from all around Tacuarembó

The informative session about the job opportunities at the construction of the GCEE Peralta Wind Farm was held in the evening of Thursday the 6th and gathered neighbours from Peralta and from other nearby towns such as Curtina, Chanberlain and Paso de los Toros. During the hour-long meeting the job descriptions available for working at the construction of the wind farm were explained. In addition, all attendees were informed about the registration process and how to hand their curricula in order to apply for the available vacancies.

School No. 67 of Peralta opens its doors to the wind

Last Friday, members of the company responsible for the construction of the Wind Farm Peralta I – II enjoyed a relaxed day with the students of School No. 67 of Peralta. The kids took part in activities focused on learning the parts of a wind turbine and also the materials which they are made of. Apart from learning how a wind turbine works through simple games, they also had the opportunity to understand the importance of obtaining energy from renewable sources as a way to live in a clean environment. Energy was not the only subject of this session; the Stones Battle (“Batalla de las Piedras”) fought on May 18th, 1811, was also reviewed as the kids were studying this lesson due to the next day’s bank holiday. Eventually, the students asked very smart questions that put in trouble the visitors more than once.