Peralta I-II reaches 43% of national content

Peralta GCEE closed the month of January with great news. The wind farm received the certification for the National Content of the Investment issued by the Chamber of Industry of Uruguay which confirmed that it has achieved the 43%.
The Wind Farm has contributed successfully to the development of the national resources promoting and involving the Uruguayan industry in the construction of the wind farm. Peralta I-II promised to reach the 27% in the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) signed with UTE in which it was required a minimum of 20% for the National Content of the Investment. Eventually the percentage highly exceeds it with a 43%.
Part of this percentage corresponds to the concrete tower production plant that was installed at the entrance of the wind farm to produce the concrete segments for the wind turbines’ towers. The facility covered over 9.900 m2 and employed more than 140 people.

Agua Leguas presents the Peralta I-II social film

Aguas Leguas presented last week a film about the social impact of the construction of the Peralta GCEE (Peralta I-II) Wind Farm. Its objective was to show the social and economic aspects of the construction of this type of projects.

The filming sessions took over 4 years and during this time land images prior the installation of wind turbines, images during the construction and the installation phases and of the wind farm fully running were gathered. The film also includes interviews of neighbors from Paso de los Toros and Peralta that had been involved in the project.

The film was presented last Tuesday evening. Employees of the wind farm, Authorities, entrepreneurs and neighbors from the Municipality of Paso attended the event.

Peralta workers celebrate the inauguration of the Concrete Tower Plant

Last Saturday, July 12, Peralta experienced a very special day. All workers of the wind farm, accompanied by their families, attended the opening of the concrete tower production plant (PTU).

The event was divided into two parts; the first part which was the official one,  started at 11 am and was attended by national and departmental authorities plus attendees who have supported the projects Peralta I and Peralta II from their inception. It is noteworthy to highlight the attendance of the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining Chem. Engineer Roberto Kreimerman, UTE Chairman Dr. Engineer Gonzalo Casaravilla, the Ambassador of Germany in Uruguay Mr Peter Heinz, the Governor of Tacuarembó Prof.  Wilson Esquerra and the Mayor of Paso de los Toros J. Jose López.

The guests made a guided tour of the concrete tower plant which ended with the ribbon cutting ceremony in front of all workers and their families. Then there was an event at which ENERCON thanked the authorities for their support in the different phases of the project and it also expressed its thanks to the workers for their daily work.

The second part of the event was a party for employees and their families, especially for their children.  Divided into groups, they had the opportunity to paint on the first segment produced in the concrete tower facility and to make windmills from paper and household materials. Furthermore, the children also visited the plant in which their parents work every day.

UTE’s Presidency visits ENERCON concrete tower facility

Gonzalo Casaravilla, UTE’s President, visited yesterday afternoon our on-site concrete tower production in Peralta. During his tour, the President was accompanied by our General Manager, Juan Ruiz-Jarabo and by ENERCON’s technical experienced personnel.  UTE’s President gained insight into ENERCON production process for concrete towers. The plant, one-of-a-kind facility in Uruguay, is already producing segments for the E-92, the wind turbine model that will be installed in Peralta I-II. The tower of each turbine will have 14 concrete segments that all together reach a height of over 50 meters. UTE’s President congratulated ENERCON for its investment in Uruguay. Gonzalo Casaravilla also signed the first segment produced that will be placed at the entrance of the facility. The tour finished with a visit to the first wind turbine foundation which will be installed in the following months.

Transportation of the last components for the concrete towers production

The last segment moulds for the concrete towers of the Peralta I- II wind farm have been loaded in trucks for their transportation to the site. These steel moulds are the remaining components that were located in the port of Montevideo. They will be transported to the site in the following days. Once they arrive to Peralta all the material for the concrete tower mobile production that arrived last December to Montevideo from Natal (Brazil) would be completed.

The transportation of the components to the site has been done meeting specific logistic requisites.

Once the production starts working at full capacity, it will produce about two towers per week and it will employ approximately 150 people among workers, technicians and administrative personnel.

Works begin in Peralta

Since the second week of December the first works on the Peralta I- II Wind Farm are taking place. These works consist of earth clearing in the area where the concrete tower production will be located. The works will stop for at the end of December following the construction calendar and will start again in mid- January. At the beginning of the year, the earthworks will continue and will also extend to the area destined to components’ storage. In addition, it is estimated that at the beginning of February new material and components for the concrete tower production shipped from Natal (Brazil) arrive to the site in Peralta.

Arrival of the first components at the Port of Montevideo

The first components for the construction of the Peralta GCEE Wind Farm, Peralta I – II, just arrived to the port of Montevideo. The containers shipped from the Hamburg Port (Germany) last August 20th, and brought two cranes and a MSC (Mobile Straddle Carrier) that are part of the infrastructure for the construction of the concrete towers of the wind turbines. Their arrival was scheduled for September 19th, however, it was delayed until today due to the storm that hit Uruguay. Once unloaded, the components will be transported in trucks to the site through National Route No. 5.

Signature of the major private contract for energy supply

Agua Leguas S.A. and UTE signed the Power Purchase Agreement for the supply of energy for 20 year for the construction of a wind farm in Peralta (Department of Tacuarembó). The project consists of two wind farms, Peralta I – II, that will add a total of 100MW to the total power installed in Uruguay. This contact is the biggest private wind farm signed by the National energy entity and it is the result of the award of the tender launched in 2011 under the Decree 159/2011.

Agua Leguas relies on Enercon, the German wind turbine manufacter’s experience for the construction and instalation of 25 turbines that form each wind farm. Model E-92 is the turbine chosen with a hub height of 108 meters.